About Us

Welcome to the world of aomi by appleofmyi

01. The beginning

Founded in 2006

In 2006 our founder Radhika Jumani returned from London after completing a consulting project for a major retail company’s merger. By then she had achieved remarkable success in the field finance and consulting in India. But that was not enough. Radhika along with Vijay and Ritu decided to set up a unique retail business. Thus was born “appleofmyi” – the big little store. A kids store in Bangalore like none other in the country. An all-in-one magical place for kids and parents. A sprawling bungalow in Indiranagar was converted into this fascinating store that housed the most exciting products for kids … from a nappy pin to a wooden cot. The store carried the best selection of Indian and International brand products, carefully selected personally by Radhika, giving the offering a very distinctive character and flavour. Appleofmyi had an activity centre where some of the leading teachers in the city have conducted fun interactive classes and memorable events for kids. Appleofmyi soon became a favourite hangout place and shopping destination for young and expecting parents. Our close and direct interaction with parents helped us learn about even their tiniest concerns, aspirations, expectations and hopes. From our learnings was born aomi by appleofmyi. A kids clothing brand that fulfilled all these aspirations and was committed to making garments that would make kids happy. We work with the most skilled partners and designers to create garments that are engineered perfectly. We use best quality fabrics and accessories that are kids friendly. Our designers work on building in fun and surprise elements into the garment that makes little kids smile. We learn , we adapt and we change for our little clients !

We absolutely love what we do!

02. The Team

Vijay, Radhika and Ritu passionately built appleofmyi a kids brand on the pillars of fun, development, wellness and utility

Ritu Mathur is our brand and design person. For all these years she has ensured that first appleofmyi and later aomi by appleofmyi has evolved from a niche to a mainstream kids brand. Her extensive experience in media and design has been the driver of the way our products look, the way our stores look and the way our brand looks. Prior to appleofmyi, she worked with the Elle Magazine and Business India. She has a BA Literature from Loreto Kolkata. Her passion is singing and currently she is training to master Dhrupad, the oldest form of Hindustani Classical music. Vijay is the one who first came up with the idea of us getting into the kids industry, which back in 2006 was pretty niche and unorgansied. With his vision and passion he lead the organsiation through its phases of transformation. His passion is customer service and he has seeped the customer first approach into the organisation top-down. Prior to appleofmyi Vijay worked with Marketics Technologies (now WNS). He has a Masters in Management from JBIMS Mumbai. Vijay is a startup enthusiast. He has made angel investments into a few niche ventures. Radhika was the first soldier out in the field to start the appleofmyi journey. With no experience in mainstream retail but a lot of enthusiasm and research in her bag, she started the first appleofmyi store. Her idea was to have lots of fun, while building a brand that was unique. Radhika manages the operations of this business. Prior to appleofmyi Radhika. She has an MSC in Economics from LSE London. Radhika loves anything to do with children and she spends time outside work with her little one Ayush.

Ritu Mathur

Creative Director

Vijay Jumani

Co-founder & CEO

Radhika Jumani

Co-founder & Director

From appleofmyi to aomi by appleofmyi

03. The Transformation

Reset – Changing with times

Transformation has very much been a part of the appleofmyi story. The era of standalone departmental stores passed with the advent of large format multi brand retailers and global e-commerce companies dominating Indian the market. In 2017 we reset our offering into a smaller format, tighter and super curated kids store : aomi by appleofmyi. Primarily a kids apparel store , we also have a sharply selected toys , gifts, books , accessories section. The best and most loved products from the erstwhile appleofmyi big little store are still very much a part of our product range. Customers continue to love us like before. We now have stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Hassan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Our garments are distributed by leading distributors to premium outlets across India and we also sell them in most prominent market places.