Ideas To Give Your Kids A Sensory Break From Sedentary Activities

Ideas To Give Your Kids A Sensory Break From Sedentary Activities


We all love that our kids focus on learning. But as the popular saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, it is important to give your kids frequent breaks between everyday learning. So how exactly would you implement this? And how often do different age groups need breaks? Speaking of which – Did you know that adults need sensory breaks, too?

What is a Sensory Break and why it is important for growing children

A recent survey revealed children in the age groups of 3 to 9 years need a break every 15 minutes. As strange and small that interval might seem, it is essential to try to give them this little ‘free-time’ to help their brain take rest. It is proven that this method of providing sensory breaks frequently helps their minds rejuvenate and absorb their teachings better.

So, how does one implement Sensory Breaks?

Very truly, ‘Sensory Break’ as a term is just a fancy way of what we could simply call a break. It involves providing children with activities that helps them activate their senses and use their muscles to pump both oxygen and energy into their systems. These could be simple activities and nothing very complex that involves spending exorbitantly. In fact, most Sensory Break activities are physical in nature and totally free of cost. What more reason do we need to adopt these?!

Here’s a list of easy Sensory Break Activities you can try

Yoga Moves

Yoga is known to cure stress. So why not use it to calm the energies of your children and bring out positivity?


We all love music. Use a break every now and then to listen to a new tune. Explore new genres each time to introduce your little bud to fresh ways of appreciating music.

Skip. Run. Jump

Seriously, we can use it too. The amount of sitting we as humans do these days totally counters nature’s plan to keep us moving with all that muscle we blessed with. Burn a few calories and feel good doing a few jumping jacks, run around the room or skip rope. Enjoy the burst of energy!

Weights, resistance bands, exercise mats, and kid-friendly workout equipment

Use kid-friendly exercise equipment in the vicinity to use every now and then. It teaches children the idea of fitness and how to stay active.

Sensory Toys

Fidget spinners, sanitized chewable toys, balls/bouncing pits and some small investments child learning centers can make to improve learning and adding a small element of fun in their schedules. Visit a kids store or a toys shop to purchase some interesting sensory toys. Many online kids fashion shops, like aomi sell a broad spectrum of toys that you can use to improve your child’s Sensory Break Activities.

Many Child Specialists highly recommend taking Sensory Breaks as a part of the main curriculum. An easy way to adapt to this is to set reminders on a device or make a timetable that includes Sensory Breaks intelligently. Another idea is to involve friends and family and incorporate Sensory Breaks into your home routines and holidays and watch your little one bloom!

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