Back 2 School, Are you all set?

Back 2 School, Are you all set?


Parents’ Guide to the Back to School Season

Summer is about to be over, and so are the children’s holidays. Kids have mixed feelings about this
time as they would not be able to play all day, sleep way past their normal bedtime, and wake up
late. But they would also be excited about going to school again, uniting with old friends and making
new ones. While they enjoy the last of their holidays, you might have to make some efforts to get
your children ready for going to school again.

The first thing is to take care of their health. Late summer and pre-monsoon seasons are infamous
for the microbial infections they bring. Playing in dirty water after rain is another thing you should try
to discourage without being the fun police. Take care of your child’s health so that he or she starts
school in good spirit.

The other important item on the checklist is to get them used to their old routine. Children have very
delicate sleep cycles. If they get used to sleeping and getting up late, it would mean trouble for you
when school starts. So, get them used to sleeping and waking up early again.

Children get very irritable near the end of their holidays. This is because they cannot play and watch
TV whenever they want. Talk to them about this and remind them about the fun they have in school.
Tell them they will get to see their friends and teachers again. Many children don’t complete their
homework till the very end of the holidays. If your child hasn’t done their holiday homework yet,
help them complete it before school starts. Ask them to do a little every day so they can submit it on

One good way to get your children excited about next session is by reading their new books with
them before the school starts. Read the stories and poems so that your child develops a reading
habit and you can have quality time before school starts.

New school items are a good way to promote excitement for school in children. They can’t wait to
show their friends their new bag and lunch box. But shopping for kids usually becomes a big hassle
for most. You have to run around the market to find the things that your kid likes. Very often, they
don’t like anything and you come back home empty-handed. This routine can go on for days till your
child finds something they like.

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