To say that these are trying times for parenting would be an understatement. As parents, our first priority is to keep children safe from this pandemic. Second is to keep then happy, healthy and engaged.

Presenting here the first of our series of blog posts that will explore activities that you and your kids can engage in during these stay – at – home days !

Here are the 10 surprising benefits of singing for kids !

1. Singing makes kids happy

It has been scientifically proven that singing releases  endorphins that keep kids happy and positive. This is really the most compelling reason  that we should encourage kids to sing.

2. Singing has a direct positive impact on a child’s health

Singing gives your child a lung workout, strengthens the diaphragm and improves overall circulation.

3. Singing relaxes children and lowers stress levels

The restrictions that have been put on kids during these pandemic times has put a lot of stress on our little ones. Singing relaxes kids and definitely keeps them happily occupied. Singing is a stress buster for kids.

4. Singing makes kids smart

Singing improves mental awareness, mindfulness and memory in kids. Whether the child is taking classical music lessons or singing along with others, the brain benefits. According to several scientific studies we know that  singing and music accelerates brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills.

5. Singing is a great confidence booster for kids

When children learn a song  and sing with others and for others the singings improves their self-confidence. Higher self worth and confidence are values that benefit kids in all stages of life.

6. Singing helps kids develop a great vocabulary

Each song that a child learns and sings introduces them to a whole new set of words and expressions. They understand the meanings and contexts much better. For children, singing is a fun way of stumbling onto new words . Words that they learn without any pressure and organically. Words that stay with them for life.

7. Singing helps kids improve communication and self expression

Kids who sing for themselves and with family and friends develop a better sense and confidence while expressing themselves and speaking out their minds. They are definitely less reluctant to speak with others and are better at expressing their feelings.

8. Singing can help kids in becoming multi lingual

One of the best way to introduce kids to new languages is by making then learn songs in different languages. This gives them a head start and exposes them to diversity in a very subtle way.

9. Singing helps kids develop emotional intelligence

Singing is cathartic. Songs introduce kids to different emotions and ultimately  help them cope with such  feelings.  Love, friendship, loss, patriotism, appreciation beauty of nature and myriads of such emotions can be felt and explained beautifully to kids in songs

10. Singing reduces screen time in a child’s daily routine.

Due to the current scenario when we all worry about the number of hours our children spend on the screen studying, playing games or watching videos ; singing is an activity where kids can spend time without any gadgets.

So do not wait. Just get your kids to start singing. Let this be a  opportunity for all your family members spend time with kids. Teach them  their favourite songs. Weave stories around each song and teach the children the value of singing together, appreciating each other, having real conversations. Take advantage of the boon of time with your kids that these lock down days have given us.

And enjoy the health benefits of singing while you have an enjoyable time. Keep singing. Stay safe. Stay Happy.

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