5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day!

5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day!


It’s Mother’s Day weekend, which means it’s time to forget about all those Mommy duties and make this day all about you! Being a Mom is a full-time (and thankless) job, however, it is important to take time out to take care of yourself. A study found that Mothers only get 17 minutes of alone-time each day.  That is barely anything! Therefore, it is important to take that time to indulge in things that will help you recharge your batteries.

1.Girls’ Time!

When was the last time you hung out with your girls, without the kids? This weekend is the perfect reason to let your hair down and have a fun time with your girlfriends! Mother’s Day does fall on a Sunday, so you could get the party started the night before and have a Girls’ Night Out or if Brunches are your thing, you could catch up over some Mimosas too!




And no, this obviously doesn’t include grocery shopping! Whether you want to shop online, from the comfort of your own house or venture out into the real world, a lil’ retail therapy never hurts!



3.Watch TV shows!

Catch up on that T.V. show you’ve been meaning to watch for a few months now. You know, the kind of show you used to watch before Peppa Pig and Sesame Street became a staple in your household. Online streaming channels, like Netflix and Amazon Prime have some great shows with all the seasons already available online! Now all you need is some popcorn to start your binge-watching session.



4.Pamper yourself!

Whether you pamper yourself by going to your favourite spa for that much deserved massage or spend some quiet time curled up reading your favourite book, having some quality “me-time” is a must!




There’s nothing like catching up on much needed sleep by napping. Especially those post-lunch siesta’s in the afternoon. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed for some more Mother’s Day special treatment from the Husband and Kids!



This Mother’s Day, do at least one (or ALL!) of these things for yourself. You aren’t being selfish so stop feeling guilty because this down-time is necessary for your sanity (and of the household). Enjoy today and try to incorporate more “me-time” into your daily schedule, rather than just once a year.
Stay fabulous, loving and strong – Happy Mother’s Day!


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