20 Sure shot ways to make your child happy

20 Sure shot ways to make your child happy

Spending time with family

  • There is nothing like family for our little ones. We, as their family, are their closest allies and the greatest sources of love and support for them. Spending more time with them is the single most important way to make them happy!






    Playtime with friends

    • Playtime is a crucial part of your child’s emotional, social, and physical development. Playtime with friends stimulates imagination and encourages creativity. Playtime is happy time for your little one. Encourage it!

    Birthday and celebrations

    • Birthdays and similar celebrations are events that kids look forward to. These moments boost their well-being and leave them with beautiful memories. Celebrations always leave them feeling more optimistic and happier. So, look out for the smallest reason, not only the big ones … put the party hats on and celebrate!

    Having a pet

    • Many research studies claim that pets can influence children’s social skills, physical health and even cognitive development and that keeping pets is associated with higher levels of empathy. Pets form supportive bonds and improve children’s health and happiness. Many parents intuitively feel that looking after an animal can offer children valuable lessons about caregiving, responsibility, and empathy which in turn leads to an increase in their happiness quotient!

    Learning new things

    • Learning new things will make your child open minded and will boost their thinking. It will help them discover their talent and also in making new friends. Learning new things also helps kids in making better decisions as their perspectives widen as they learn something new. With new learning, their confidence gets a huge boost and this has direct effect on their happiness!





     Having fun toys and games

    • There is ample evidence that toy play is a very important aspect of child development. Children of all ages enjoy playing with toys and the different roles they play in their fantasy and make-believe games, but toys are more than simple playthings. Studies have shown that children learn through every part of their body, and many toys offer hands on learning opportunities that can instil basic skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

    Going on vacation

    • Science has proven that a holiday makes a child happier and smarter. So pack your bags and go on a family vacation, to introduce your child to fascinating experiences and to foster strong bonds Our best childhood memories often involve the adventures we had during our vacations.

    Having a favorite book or movie

    • What makes a favourite book or movie? Is it certain characters, is it because it changes your life or is it your memory of the moment when you experienced it for the first time? Often favourite books and movies get children so engrossed that it is thrilling! Sometimes these make them change the way that they feel about themselves or the world. A favourite book or a favourite movie can be re-read or re- watched many times and they will always find something new in it. That is happiness!

    Participating in sports or extracurricular activities

    • Research shows that playing sports makes humans happier. This applies to kids. Girls and boys who play on team sports are more satisfied with their lives than kids who don’t according to a study of 7th and 8th Kids who play a lot of sports also have a higher self-esteem and are less depressed. Researchers say its not just being active that makes kids happy. The social interaction of a team boosts spirits. Playing sports can have a long-lasting benefit for a happy life because it improves: how healthy we are, how well we communicate and how good we are at cooperating.

    Having a good meal or snack

    • Food can be fun! Meals and snacks can be social activities that bring family and friends together! Further, children need food to grow and develop, and making healthy choices at an early age helps kids learn to make good decisions later in life. Fundamentally, food is about getting the proper nutrients to help fuel and energize our bodies. And as we all know; an energetic child is a happy child!

    Creating art or music

    • Art and music are critical for kids. The benefits are incredible. Art and music exposure does more than provide a creative outlet for kids; they provide mental, emotional and educational benefits. As kids develop skills in art and music, and improve those skills through repetition and practice, they build confidence in themselves. The criticism and praise they get from their peers help to build their self-confidence. This is a path to happiness!

     Having a good night's sleep

    • Getting a good night’s rest is no joke. Research suggests how much kids sleep is undoubtedly linked to their overall happiness. Quality sleep helps kids in having lesser mood swings, helps them feel more alert and in overall healthy brain functioning. When your kid gets the crucial rest they need for their development, they are better able to process emotions which will lead to healthier and happier interactions with them.

    Receiving praise and positive reinforcement

    • Praise is contagious, it builds confidence and can inspire great things. Genuine compliments and positive reinforcements improve a child’s mood, it inspires cooperation and hard work and increases motivation. While giving praise be sincere, be specific, be immediate and praise to inspire. This practice will make your kids so happy.

     Having a clean and tidy living space

    • There is enough evidence out there to show that having a clean and tidy living space can help your little one feel relaxed, accomplished and stress free. This is turn will allow them to feel better and happier. When you teach your kids to clean their living space, you’re teaching them order and all the benefits that come with an organized environment. Order in their life will lead to happiness, always.

     Being rewarded for good behavior

    • By rewarding for good behaviour you are helping your child know what they should be doing. This type of rewarding creates a calmer environment and stronger relationships. Children respond well to this and they are happier to learn and develop with this positive orientation.





     Playing outside

    • Outdoors is where kids can be most themselves. The sense of freedom gained from playing outside and running without limits, brings happiness that is hard to rival.

    Receiving gifts or surprises

    • The feeling of receiving a gift or a surprise for kids is unique and exciting. The joy of getting something new and the sense of importance which comes with receiving a gift lead to a sense of great happiness for the little ones.  

    Feeling safe and secure

    • Feeling a sense of safety (physically and emotionally) is crucial to a child’s development. It propels positive attachment, personal growth and contributes to many other developmental domains. Before learning or any other activity can occur, a child will instinctively concentrate on feeling safe in any situation. That is how crucial this feeling is to their happiness.

    Having meaningful conversations with adults

    • Meaningful conversations with our children require us to connect with them at both a cognitive and an emotional level. For a meaningful conversation ; choose the right time and place, listen and acknowledge, connect and involve your child and be patient and sensitive. The feeling of being heard and advised on topics that matter to them can be a great mood and happiness booster for your child.

    Being hugged and cuddled.

    • When you cuddle your kids, their bodies release oxytocin, a hormone that helps you feel good overall. It promotes positivity and happiness, and it can reduce aches and pains. The mood-boosting side effects kick in quickly and last for quite some time. S go ahead and hug for happiness!
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